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Currently I’m working on a photographic series I’m calling “Paradise Lost”. The work is centered around the construction communities of post building boom Dubai. The labor community of Dubai during the building boom operated at a furring pace; with rotating shifts operating 24hrs a day. This invoked the spirit of the Deux Ex Machina in the seemingly endless landscape of structures in construction. Today, with virtually every crane frozen in place, what remains of the labor community race to complete infrastructure projects. While the construction of towers has halted, the construction of the pavement has not. While it is easy to neglect/forget how the streets beneath all of us came about, the efficacy of this event as a daily experience is quite powerful;and is an essence that I hope to capture through my photographs. I’m working throughout various construction and residential zones, which are telling of a different class, and strikingly different lifestyle here. Dubai is a living construction site, which grants one a unique perspective into the world of construction normally blockaded by 4×8 plywood boards. Just last night I managed to sneak into an abandoned building(project put on hold) through an open curtain wall panel. I’d appreciate thoughts and dialogue on the subject.







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